Kolangal 16-05-2019 Vikatan tv Serial-Episode 149

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Kolangal – Vikatan tv Serial

Watch Kolangal Vikatan tv serials 17.05.19 | Vikatan TV serial Kolankal 17/05/19 Latest Today Episode 149 Online
Kolangal 17-05-2019 Vikatan tv Serial | 17-05-2019 Kolangal Vikatan tv serials | VikatanTv Koolangal 17th May 2019
Written & Directed By : V. Thiruselvam
Produced By : Vikatan Televistas
Cast : Devayani, Manjari, Ajay Kapoor, Nalini, Chandra Lakshman, Deepa Venkat, Poornima Indrajith, Abhishek, Shruthi Raj, Kalpana Sree, Vanitha, Sathyapriya & Mohan Sharma

Vikatan tv Serials, Kolangal

Vikatan tv Mega Thodar Kolangal 17th May 2019

The story centers on Abhi, a hard working, ambitious woman with strong beliefs and her business rival and half brother, Aditya. Abhi with her 2 sisters leads a normal life though she tries to keep herself happy because she had a dark past. Her father had abandoned her and her mother & married another woman, the mother of Aditya, and has settled as a business tycoon. Abhi initially gets married, but it turns out to be an abusive relationship . Eventually, Adhi’s lures all Abhi’s close family members and turns out that all her family members are against her. Abhi divorces her husband and starts life’s afresh She starts a new company but is given competition by her step brother Aditya Eshwaramoorthy who considered her as a sworn rival. Abhi escapes from his brother’s tortures and puts an end to her injustice. At last scene abhi with the help of her friend Tholkappian leads a friendly and recluse life. Abhi starts to help orphanage,thereby ending she couldn’t help herself but she wishes to be dear among orphans even though they are not known to them. She leads a successful life through the help of 2 friends, Tholkappian (Thols) and Usha, Adhi’s ex-wife

Category: Kolangal, Tamil TV Serials, Vikatan tv Serial,

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